The Stranger Danger Myth of Sexual Abuse – Why it puts our Children at Risk

What image comes to mind when you think of a sex offender? For most of us it is the man in the white van grabbing children from the street or the rapist lurking behind the bushes waiting to attack. While we see such crimes depicted on television and in the movies – they are statistical anomalies. The large majority of children are actually abused by someone who is known to them. In fact less than 10% of incidents of abuse perpetrated toward children under the age of 18 involve a stranger. Our tendency to think of sexual crimes as predominately involving strangers – when in reality it is those already known to us and our children who perpetrate the majority of offenses – is known as the

A World Without Sexual Violence

In the last year we have been inundated with stories of sexual abuse and harassment – from Harvey Weinstein, to the #metoo movement and most recently - Dr. Larry Nassar. When you hear about all the abuse that has taken place it may be hard to envision a World without Sexual Violence. But that is not only just an empty wish. Rather, it is a goal that we are actively pursuing. We are Clinical Psychologists, Professors and Sexual Violence Prevention Researchers – but most importantly we are mothers. We want to use our work to make a World Free of Sexual Violence for our children. It is for that reason that we wrote our latest book Protecting Your Child From Sexual Abuse: What You Need to

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